The title of the series,"Ahuimspha" was derived from the sanskrit word "Ahimsa" meaning 'to cause no injury' or 'do no harm' ; this series is meant to spread that message of harmlessness throughout the world. This piece is the second in the series, it was made with "Gold Amythest" from Molten Aura Labs as well as a 'Dotwork Mandala Cab' & some of Phantom's "Fibonacci Chipstacks" 

Ahuimspha #2



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    Rigs 4 Us is a small, locally owned & operated Glass Art Gallery & Headshop based in Denver, CO supporting local artists is our #1 goal, although Functional-Glass-Art is our specialty, here at Rigs 4 Us our mission is to share all art with the world. We are a part of a constantly growing & changing community, from which we currently display one of a kind work created by more than 70 different local artists...ALMOST, everything is for sale! 

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